Mission | Cash Express Service


The main goal of mutual work between Western Union and Cash Express is to continually improve the services offered, making them more accessible and enjoyable to their trustees.

Cash Express strives to maintain and consolidate its position as Western Union's main agent and market leader. In each of our more than 1900 locations in about 180 cities and villages in the country, dynamic work is constantly underway to perform technological upgrades and improvements to meet the financial needs of our customers in the best possible way.

Employees who work in Cash Express locations receive training that enhances their qualifications to be more useful to Western Union customers. So that they feel free to contact us at the customer service center's telephone number for questions and inquiries of any kind.

For our work, the highest appreciation is the satisfaction of people who have made money transfers through one of our services within the country or beyond its borders, in a bank account or through a mobile application. As part of the daily life of busy urban people, we strive to facilitate and enhance every opportunity we offer, in order to expedite the process while saving you time and effort. We work to ensure that you always feel close to your loved ones or business partners, no matter where you are. Our main task is to make your money transfers safely and seamlessly.

Cash Express is not only trying to maintain its leadership position in Western Union service delivery, but is also constantly looking for new ways and methods to improve services by applying the knowledge gained over the years.

The mission of Cash Express is to recognize itself as a trusted partner of Western Union and as a friend of the people using our services.