Transaction initiated via mobile application

Western Union starts new service for its customers, called WU AIR or Money transfer initiated via mobile application.


A customer who wants to send money transfer via Western Union with fixed charge of 6,90 BGN is necessary:

-          To download Western Union application from App Store or Google play;

-          To register and create own profile. It is possible to use the service without registration.  When customer does not have registration the information cannot be stored and cannot be used for future transfers;

-          To prepare the transfer in the application as follows: country of receiving; amount; how receiver to pick up the money; the name of the receiver; the type of its own ID; confirms the transfer;

-          To visit a location of Western Union where the customer gives the money and pays the fixed charge of 6,90 BGN;

The maximum amount which can be sent via Western Union application is 1800 BGN.

The customer has 24 hours to visit a location of Western Union where to pay in cash and to send the transaction.  If the customer does not visit a location in 24 hours, the transaction will be canceled.


The service of Western Union Money transfer via mobile application can be used from a customer who receives money transfer. In this case the customer starts to pay the transfer via Western Union application, after that visits a location of Western Union where the transaction will be confirmed and the customer receives the amount.  


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