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1. Organizer of the game is FH “Cash Express Service” Ltd., company registered at the Commercial Register of Registry Agency with UIC 130372185, with headquarters and registered address: 22 Venelin Str., City of Sofia (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”).



  1. The game will start on April 7 and will end on May 7, 2017.



1. The game is organized in Bulgarian language and carried out on the page of FH “Cash Express Service” Ltd. in the social network Facebook, at the webpage- https://www.facebook.com/CESWU/.



1. Try capable adult natural person who has registration and profile in the Facebook platform has the right to participate in the Game. The participation in the Game is not bound to a money transfer through the Western Union system.

  1. The game participants are required to follow the terms and conditions of the present TERMS AND CONDITIONS.
  2. The participation is carried out through the following mechanism: The Users, who like the page of the Company and share the promotional picture on their wall, have the chance to win a prize. The prizes will be drawn with a lottery.

The participant is required to do the following 3 things:

A. To like the fan page of the Company;

B. To like the promotional picture;

C. To share the promotional picture on his own wall.

4. The winners will be announced on May 9 2017 at the webpage - https://www.facebook.com/CESWU/.

5. The employees of FH “Cash Express Service” Ltd. and their lineal relatives without exceptions, as well as the administrators of the Company’s fan pages could not participate in the game.



1. The prizes FH “Cash Express Service” Ltd. is giving away are: 5 sport bags.

2. The prizes cannot be exchanged for their money equivalent.

 3. The organizer is not the manufacturer of the distributed prizes with the present game and does not bear any responsibility for manufacturing defects of the received prizes in case of participant’s complains.

4. On May 9 2017, the names of 5 participants who win prizes in the Game, will be announced at the Company’s Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/CESWU/.

5. The winner in the game has to contact the Company not later than 7 days after he/she has been drawn in the lottery and has been published at the Company’s Facebook page, through a personal message to the page https://www.facebook.com/CESWU/, with his three names, contact phone number and exact delivery address for the prize.


6. In case the administrator is unable to contact the winner and/or the same doesn’t come forward for his prize in 7 days, considered from the date of the publication of the winners at the Company’s Facebook page, the prize remains for the Company.

7. The prize is received by the winner through delivery to the specified by him/her address on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria by a courier at the expense of FH “Cash Express Service” Ltd.

8. Every participant can win only one prize.

9. Every participant in the game unconditionally and irreversibly agrees that the draw results are final and cannot be disputed by anyone on any account.



1. The present terms and conditions shall be announced publicly and can be found for the whole duration of the Game at corporate page of the Company: www.cashexpress.bg, where any interested party can become familiar with them.



1. Fans that publish uncensored texts or tarnish the reputation of the Company, as well as the universally accepted ethical standards, will be disqualified.



1. The Game is carried out in compliance with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act. Pursuant to the effective legislation, the Organizer has the right to announce publicly the names of the winners and their game prizes. The announcement of the winners (the winners of prizes) is accomplished in a way that avoids the disclosure of personal data, except the Facebook user name. All participants give their consent for collection and storage of their personal data for the purpose of conducting the Game. The organizer assumes the obligation to follow the effective legislation in regards to the protection of personal data, collected during the Game. The organizer is obliged to keep the participants personal data confidential and to use it according to the present TERMS AND CONDITIONS and the effective legislation. The organizer is obliged not to provide the participant’s personal data to third parties, outside the public knowledge in Facebook, came to be known by him in the course of the Game.

2. The winners of the game bear personal responsibility for the accuracy of the provided personal data. All provided data shall be correct. The submission of false data automatically deprives the winner of his right to receive a prize.


1.The organizer has the irrevocable right to terminate the Game in case there are circumstances beyond his control which prevent its further realization.

2. In case of Game termination there will be no prizes given or any other kind of compensation.



1. The organizer reserves his right to change or annex the present Game in his own judgment, as for that purpose the changes should be announced and made accessible to all users pursuant to Section VI. Game Publicity.

2. Disputes: any dispute arisen between the Organizer and the participants should be settled by mutual agreement.

3. The Organizer shall not be obliged to contact the participants who are not winners, including for notifying them of that fact.

4. The Organizer shall not be liable and can’t be indicted in lawsuits, for the identity of registered Facebook profile.


5. The Organizer shall bear no responsibility for any damages/lost profits, caused to the Game participants, including but not only damages to the their software, hardware, telecommunication equipment or data loss, arising from materials or resources searched or used in any way through the Facebook profile of the Organizer.

6. By participating in the Game the participants agree to follow completely the present TERMS AND CONDITIONS. By  accepting the terms and conditions, every  participant agrees the specified by him data (e-mail, address and name ) to be used only by the Organizer of the Game for polls, market research, newsletter and news mailing, as well as other advertising materials during and after completion of the campaign.

The present TERMS AND CONDITIONS come into force from the announcement moment at the corporate site of the Company: www.cashexpress.bg and are not limited by time, regardless of the Game completion or termination.

This Game is not financed, approved, administered or connected to Facebook in any way. The present terms and conditions are accepted and approved by the Company’s manager.


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