Quick Pay

•    With Quick Pay you can send money transfer to company.
•    You can send Quick Pay to a company if it enters into agreement with Western Union®.
•    Western Union® service Quick Pay is the fastest and safest way to subscribed companies to receive transfers from their customers around the world.
•    Find the nearest Western Union® Agent location.
•    Fill Western Union®’s form "Quick Pay" and the full information that has been given to you by the company
•    Give form to the agent, money which you want to send and charges.
•    Information about money transfer will be typed into Western Union®’s computer system.
•    Present a valid ID
•    Bulgarians – national identification card, driving license, passport
•    Foreigners – passport
•    European citizens - identity card or passport
•    You will receive customer copy receipt.
•    After few minutes the customer will receive a confirmation that money transfer is done and the money will be credited to its bank account