Services supplied by Cash Express and Western Union

Money transfer from abroad to Bulgaria – little joys shorten large distances, and you who are at home, know it best. Western Union gets brings you the money quickly.

Money transfer from Bulgaria to other countries – your loved ones, who are not with you, can receive your help no matter where they are.

Money transfer from Bulgaria to Bulgaria – even when you are not abroad, but far from your family nonetheless, you can still do something nice for those back home. With Western Union it is easy to transfer leva, euros or American dollars everywhere in Bulgaria. There are over 1200 agent locations all over the country, where you can send money, and they can pick up the transferred amounts.


Money Transfer to Bank account – send money direct to bank account with charges starting from 10 leva. The money is received direct in bank account of the receiver. The time for receiving money is not more than one working day for most countries.


Money Transfer initiated via mobile application – download the mobile application of Western Union and send up to 1800 leva with fixed charge of 6,90 leva. Prepare the transaction in the mobile application, visit one of our locations , pay the amount cash and finish the transaction.